Gamer Moment ヽ(゜~゜o)ノ

I made music for my homie @SnoozeVT to use as intro, outro, and afk music while he streams! 

"Alive by Spite: The SnoozeVT Streamkit"!

I've been working on this music for a LONG TIME and I'm stoked about how it came out. It's been great getting to know Snooze and trying to make music that is in my style but still designed for a specific use; it's like a mix between soundtrack work and Okinoth music stuff. 

The artwork was drawn by the talented @Astronautilu5x before any music was planned for a legit release and when I saw it I was like oh shit yeah these tracks are gonna be on all stores they're too good and the art just fits... it's awesome. 

I'm pumped to release some music thats not sappy and slow and sad, and I'm pumped to freshen up my catalogue after over a year with 0 releases. 

Update: click here to find the songs!: Link

My time has primarily gone into top secret Snoozy Kazoo work pertaining to some quirky video games

I started playing fortnite and it is actually fun

I beat the A Realm Reborn Storyline in Final Fantasy 14 and I'm loving the game (i need friends to play with tho)

I tore a muscle in my ass at the gym getting cocky while deadlifting 

I have been getting serious about learning Japanese as a second language, partially in order to work on some sound and music for Japanese games 


So yeah, keep on keeping on !