Quit my job at *hell*, now I work from home and my nephew thinks I'm a youtuber!

Did you know that people who frequent Casinos crap their own pants and keep playing their machine because they believe that if they were to get up and go change their pants they will miss out on a life changing jackpot? Did you know I saw this happen a bunch of times? 

Good news: I am quitting my job at the Casino lol

Starting in a week or so I'll be working on game music pretty much full time as well as some side projects like short film soundtracks, an Okinoth debut full length album (don't hold your breath) and producing for other artists. I also plan on getting a set list together to perform with my best friends but that's another hush hush secret for now (hint: it will be drinking songs and folk music) 

Also - like some magic good omen affirming my decision to focus on music - I met turnip boy fans in the wild at Bughunter's show in Natick MA yesterday, that shit was so crazy. THey were geeking about a fertile wood at heart and it clicked in my brain that I am finally the niche internet micro-celeb I always knew I could be. 


I've been so excited I already made arrangements to buy a second monitor for my PC and I deep cleaned my whole remote work setup. In college I lived the producer life but I didn't really make a livable amount of money. I'm not gonna be rich any time soon but I can at least afford my rent and if that changes... well I guess just prepare to see me on patreon lol

(p.s. if you want to know my computer specs let me know on insta or something and i'll do a whole blog post because my computer is sick) 

work continues on my novellas and I will probably post a chapter on this site within 35 years

i started editing a book of my poems as well which I will probably sell eventually

but yea overall I am very happy and excited lately.. but busy!

This Saturday, June 11th, is both my mom's birthday and Ashley's first vendor fair as a crochet artist, if you wanna buy a cute stuffed animal come to the Hopedale fairy walk, we will be in the wizarding marketplace idk come say hi! If u cant make it check out Ashley's store and order a custom thing as a gift for someone or buy one just cus you're cool by clicking here

I'll be there all day supporting my main squeeze

Everything is looking up, we all gonna make it bruh