Sam Adams Boston Lager type beat c:

Here we go baby, the world is my oyster. the page is blank, I can write whatever I want now. 
This is cool, I've always wanted a place I could just babble into the void. I have journals (too lazy to write in em) but this is better. I wanna be open these days
My day 1's know I don't really like branding my socials... this blog exists because I hate being misunderstood and I feel I deserve a platform where I can be as matter of fact (long winded) about the reality of my life as I see fit. 
Example: Yeah, I make music for money.
I do hope to shift into doing it 100% full time (lord willin) - 
I currently do audio work at a casino as my 'real' job - and while I wish I was some illustrious young upstart taking the world by storm, I am just a vulnerable guy still grieving his mom trying to carve out a respectable living without sacrificing his values. Losing my mom last year made me rethink my life pretty thoroughly and I can confidently say I am living in a more deliberate way as a result of her passing.
I digress: 
Hopefully this blog can act as something better than the sick hot takes I used to tweet, hopefully I can write something that helps another person, and hopefully I can find a way to market myself that isn't corporate brown-nosing or shallow "collab bro" producer culture. 
I just want to age gracefully. I'm living the musician dream, I really am, but I am not interested in renting a bugatti and going to LA and mansions/racecars/sex drugs rock n roll, I'm tryna build a bitchin studio and make cool shit and connect with people who get it
I am a busy guy, I like having stuff lined up, I love the joy of sort, plan, execute, iterate blah blah blah 
here's some updates for the people who would read on
I am pushing forward with my own music as Okinoth, I have an album in the works that will be my first true beginning-to-end project that has no collabs or outside influence. My music work continues steadily with Snoozy Kazoo but thats all secret stuff lol my lips are sealed. 
I am learning Japanese, lifting weights, writing my stories (I will likely make an entire section of the blog for these), and learning banjo/tightening my guitar chops. I wanna get a vocal coach too cus I'm not the best singer and I feel I could get better. 
My day job (its not a day job, its a night job, my hours are straight up ass) is becoming a liability and I spend most of my time at work planning my exit strategy. In the end, I'll reflect on these times and love it. Guerilla creation, art-by-all-means, by the seat of my pants I'll get my time back and be able to focus my chattering brain on something constructive/inspiring/fulfilling
Until then, keep on keepin on 
Your internet lover,
 - Jake