Turnip Boy 2, Super Raft Boat Together @ PAX, Okinoth LP, Poetry & MORE 2023

Turnip Boy 2 + Super Raft Boat Together = PAX East PAX East is on March 23-26, 2023 and I'll be there with the whole developer squad @  Snoozy Kazoo  w/ our publisher, Graffiti Games, talking about Turnip Boy Robs a Bank . This is my first time working any convention so  please,  talk to me nice. I will be standing there being social for 8 hours a day probably sweaty and hungover from the drinking  networking. I'll try to be chipper In addition to that, I'm HELLA PROUD to announce that I'm working on the soundtrack for Super Raft Boat Together , developed by my good friends at Shattered Journal Games , so be sure to look out for them at the 'Brace Yourself Games' publisher booth. Tell them Jake sent you :) I'll be in Boston getting hammered  networking the whole weekend so hit my line if you wanna bar hop with like 25 nerds What? Okinoth Album in the works? I thought he quit lol. Who is Okinoth? Oh James? the turnip game music guy? Ok go off I guess, weird n

Our cultural noise / the raver at the heart of it all

The first genre of music I ever produced with any level of commitment was Happy Hardcore. For those who aren't knowledgeable in the minutiae of electronic music subgenres, it's a high tempo cheesy take on Italo Disco and Hardcore rave music from the 80s/90s (respectively) that saw cult popularity in the internet social circles I grew up in (IMVU, Gaia Online, Second life, various MMOs, etc.).  This was around 2005-2010 (prehistoric internet), so you could say my history with electronic music goes back 15 years now. Jesus. During my late childhood/preteen years I moved around a lot and my online friends were a welcome dose of stability for me; the music they showed me would grow into the backbone for my music IQ, which I still employ as an artistic crutch in my professional work. I learned of German Hardcore from... well from Germans lol. I was introduced to Balearic trance by kids who lived in the Mediterranean. If you want to listen to live club music as a kid, you can't g